woensdag 6 februari 2013

A little help from you??

I would like to have this canvasboard full with inchies which
I traded with inchie-lovers from all over the world. When it's all
full with inchies, it becomes a place of honor in our livingroom!
So if you love inchies and you would like to trade with me,
please send me an e-mail or leave a message..
 It doesn't matter how many inchies you would like to trade,
buth they have to be made by yourself!
Here you can see some parts of the board.
Some inchies are from swaps from the dutch inchies group.
The inchies are very divers,
so each technique is welcome !!

7 opmerkingen:

Karin zei

Wat een onzettend gaaf idee zeg, en het ziet er fantastisch uit!

Alida zei

wat geweldig om dit op die manier te doen Henny, helemaal super, ik ken iemand die is ook helemaal weg van inchies, ik zal haar de link van je blog eens doorsturen.

Janny Jager 't Hooft zei

Ziet er super gaaf uit je inchie bord Henny

Groetjes Janny

froebelsternchen Susi zei

fine to read from you Henny! I missed you! great project... I f I do some of this little parts I woll send them to you.. but I am so busy with all my other favourite formats.. the day is tooo shrt for me!

xxx Susi

Anoniem zei

Hi Henny
how is tricks!
thanks for your lovely comment *cuddle*
will I be seeing you in Zeist? I will be there all weekend!
Might even take some inchies with me, what do you think *lol*



Rein zei

Wat een super leuk Idee is dit!

SanDee1899 zei

you are the queen of the Inchies - absolutely - I still have my Halloween Inchies and keep them like a treasure.

By the way finally I have my own Blog if you like to visit or follow her it is: