zaterdag 8 december 2012

Genius: Galileo Galilei

The theme at http://moo-mania.blogspot.nl/ for this week is 'Genius'. For my  moo I choose Galileo Galilei. Mister Galilei was a Mathematician, philosopher, physicist. He also was an astronomer and that's why my choice; I like watching stars and planets, often you can see the planet Jupiter and Venus with the naked eye. So a little tribute to Galileo Galilei!

9 opmerkingen:

Alida zei

wow, moeilijk thema, mooi uitgewerkt.

Yvonne zei

Fantastic moo, Henny!

maj. zei

Beautiful moo, Henny!

Lillibelle zei

Henny this is a fantastic, great designed MOO! Cool!

Karin zei

wow een prachtige moo! al die rode inchies zien er ook erg leuk uit!

Janny Jager 't Hooft zei

Prachtige moo Henny.

Groetjes Janny

froebelsternchen Susi zei

This is GORGEOUS dear Henny! Thank you so much and have a good new week!
xxx Susi

Martina2801 zei

Fantastic Moo! Love this.

Rosie zei

So wonderful, Henny