woensdag 27 juni 2012

Sad and hopeful...

I'm a little bit sad...
I send 12 atc's to Germany, and they never arrived.
It was meant for an atc book (scroll downwards),
so now I had to make new ones.
Sad, because the old ones are lost, 
hopeful  that these atc's will arrive...

4 opmerkingen:

Karin zei

ohh dat is jammer zeg want ze zagen er leuk uit, en wat een werk. Maar deze nieuwe serie die je gemaakt hebt zijn ook prachtig!

Janny Jager 't Hooft zei

Dat is balen Henny,
Ze waren zo mooi .
Hoop dat ze nu wel aankomen en je alsnog een atc boek krijgt.

Groetjes Janny

Lillibelle zei

Oh my poor Henny! I'm so sorry! Those were really great ATCs.
But these cards here are also very amazing and wonderful! You made such magnificent images and you colored them beautifully.

Claudine C. zei

These are amazing! Your so good and talented. I'm sorry you had to make them twice and I'm praying that these make it to Germany!!