zondag 3 juni 2012

My little treasure...

 I went to the flea market and I found a lovely tea set. 
The lid of the teapot was broken, but I loved this set.
It had to cost 15 euro....but that was too much...
But I could not forget the teapot (why not make it a flower vase?) and
the lovely cup and saucers.
So, I walked again along the stall, took another look at the teaset. 
The woman who had to sell it said:
Well, you can buy it for 10 euro..... 
hmmm....think, think....do I dare to haggle? I said:
Is 7,50 euro allright? And she said: Okay!
 So I almost dropped a cup, before I paid...but luckely that went well....
When I came home, I looked at the bottom of the cup and I saw:
   C (brand) T
Tielsch - Altwasser
And curious as I was, I've looked at the internet and there it was:
The teaset was made in germany, by the firm Tielsch in Altwasser.
And the 40 at the bottom?
That meant that it was made in 1940....
I found myself al little treasure...
Just for 7,50 euro! 
And now it's standing on the table, on a tray and...
with a broken lid...

3 opmerkingen:

Janny Jager 't Hooft zei

Hoi Henny

Leuk he zo rond te struinen op een vlooien markt.
Wat heb je een leuke aankoop gedaan en lekker afgepingeld.
Veel plezier ermee
Groetjes Janny

Gráinne zei

Oh this is just beautiful, Henny!

die amelie zei

And what a beautiful treasure this is!!! You were really lucky to make such a great find!!!


die amelie xx